Integrated Business Solutions

Flexible, robust software solution

Integrated Business Solutions

It’s easy enough to solve one problem.

“We need to do the accounting, or the invoices, or the stock take, or the checkout, or the [insert task here],” we think. “Let’s find a system that can do that.”

After some research, we come up with something we think might work. “This piece of software will fix it,” we say. “It does accounting.” Or, “It makes great invoices.” Or, “It can do the [insert task here].” And it does.

It solves one problem.

It’s when we manage, say, a data centre, that relies on sixty seven different single-purpose software packages to keep the whole thing running, or, a busy import/export business that needs fourteen different systems to stay alive, or, a recruitment office that goes through nine different processes just to get a new client on board… that’s when things start to get complicated.

Much more complicated.

Finding a new single-purpose program is never going to solve a problem, if the problem is bigger, deeper and more chaotic than it seems.

We need to ask questions: How do our systems work together? Are staff spending all their time updating, maintaining and coordinating things that should be intertwined? Are mistakes being made due to human error? Does information get to different groups of people when it should? Is there a ‘single source of truth’ for the whole of the business? Is the business losing money and its competitive edge because it is clunky and not streamlined?

If you’re in a business that relies on keeping fifty-three different systems up to date; if onboarding a new employee requires going into twelve different programs, you have more than one problem.

Luckily, there is one solution.

An ‘Integrated Business Solution’ brings all your information systems together. It makes information gathering simpler. It provides a ‘single source of truth’ for every person in the business. It frees up employees from having to constantly manipulate and update separate programs. It minimises human error. It makes your business as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

The benefits of an Integrated Business Solution include being able to access new combinations of information. Things you may never have been able to put together before. These can give you an edge going into the future.

An Integrated Business Solution should have these features: it should provide you with a dashboard. This is what your employees interact with, and this is what allows you to drill down into additional information should you need it. An Integrated Business Solution should be able to share data with other systems, it should support automation and monitoring, and it should be configurable by the user. No need to be waiting around for six months before the IT department can change something for you.

As well, an Integrated Business Solution shouldn’t cost you the earth, or take forever to get up and running. It should be well-designed, fully tested, and the implementation should be supported.

If you know you have more than just one problem, or you think your current systems are unwieldy, prone to error and taking too much time to keep updated, you may need an Integrated Business Solution.

Talk to AVIER and find out how we can help you.

Integrated Business Solutions: a summary

Your business is complex, with lots of different parts.

• Mostly, you use single purpose systems or tools for different areas of your operation.
• Every day, employees interact with multiple, separate systems to run an operation.
• But when keeping systems working together is dependent on people, you end up with inconsistencies and errors, and failed systems.
• It costs you more, in time and money.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At AVIER, we can create one integrated solution that sits on top of all of your single purpose tools. We bring your systems together, making your business

• more efficient
• more streamlined
• more accurate
• more cost-effective.

Your people interact with the integrated solution, rather than keep it running, benefiting your core business.

How we do it

We work with you to analyze

• data flow
• different systems
• the way you want things to work

When we come up with an integrated business solution, we test it thoroughly.

We support your transition from your existing workflow to your new, optimized workflow.