AVIER Application Platform

Companies need to be more agile in today’s world. So should the business processes that run them.

Build real-time integration-ready user workflow and automated processes with

| Realize business solution ideas like putting Legos™ together

The AVIER Application Platform is a highly configurable application platform. With , realizing your business solution ideas is easier than ever. You can create customized user workflow and automated processes, share and exchange data with third-party software packages, monitoring activities in external systems, implement proprietary business rules, policies and procedures, and a lot more, like putting Legos™ together – in shorter turnaround time, requiring less technical skills, and in a highly cost-effective way.

Realize your business solution ideas with executable flow charts in the Workflow Editor. Simply select function blocks from the library and wire them up.

Increase integration-readiness with built-in data interfaces for a multitude of industry data systems and file formats

Increase real-time awareness with built-in messaging infrastructure

enables you to build intuitive and powerful user interfaces that presents data in a way that is most easy to understand and navigate.

Sometimes the best way to communicate with users with zero ambiguity is by means of a 3D virtual world. Navigate to the objects of interest, click on them to retrieve information and documentation, perform move, add and changes, and initiate business processes.

lets you model objects in real dimensions, track unlimited number of object types and object properties.

Example of 3D Modeling and Visualization

Your interconnected application elements need to be presented in a way that is intuitive to the users. Sometimes, the best approach to provide great navigation is to use multi-pane screen layouts. With , you can create custom application logic to control the interaction between the panes.

The seamlessly facilitates multi-pane and other complex UI layout on any HTML5 compliant web browsers.

Example multi-pane layouts:

Rule based forms allow you to create context sensitive data entry forms that dynamically react to user input. They are the perfect means to implement client-side validation rules.

The rules can be saved in static XML files or dynamically generated by the AVIER Scripts, giving you the ultimate flexibility to deal with the most challenging data forms.

Example rule based forms:

It is often necessary to present data structures like table lists and data hierarchies so users can easily navigate and browse the data.

In addition to the standard form fields like text fields, drop down menus, etc., includes a comprehensive collection of complex widgets to help with displaying most common data structures.

Referenceable Product Implementations

Over the past year, AVIER Technologies have successfully implemented on the AVIER Application Platform and launched three commercial products.

Proactive Maintenance Management System

The Proactive Maintenance Management System helps facilities managers maintain regular inspection records and incidents for fire protection devices as required by fire code. For details, see Proactive Maintenance Management. It is independently marketed as ProactiveMM.com and is implemented in American Airlines™.

Proactive Fire Alarm Management System

The Proactive Fire Alarm Management System minimizes risks by reducing the first response times for fire and life safety emergencies in large facilities. It is independently marketed as AmericanFLS.com and is implemented in American Airlines™.

Contact Management and Workflow System

The Contact Management System collects contact information and manages follow up workflow processes. It is currently implemented in Scott Legal, P.C. (a legal firm).

American Airlines™
American Airlines™
Proactive Maintenance Management
Proactive Maintenance Management
American Fire and Life Safety
American Fire and Life Safety
Scott Legal, P.C.
Scott Legal, P.C.

Areas of Application

The AVIER Application Platform can be applied in many business areas. The following are some example applications of the platform. The platform can be configured to perform these business functions or you can configure the platform to become a Manager of Manager solution for managing commercial off the shelf products for these business functions.

Asset Management
Building Information Modeling
Cable Management
CAD Drawing Visualization
Change Management
Configuration Management
Customer Relationship Management
Data Analytics and Visualization
Document Management
Equipment Maintenance Management
Enterprise Decision Support
Facility Management
Fire Alarm Management
Incident Management
Industrial Control System Monitoring
Program Management
Network Monitoring
NOC Management
SOC Management
Vulnerability Management
Workflow Management

Licensing Model

The AVIER Application Platform is licensed under a Dual-license of Single-Vendor Commercial Open Source license.

AVIER Technologies, Inc. builds its business around the AVIER Application Platform that it fully controls. AVIER developed the AVIER Application Platform as an open source project and does not share control with third parties. AVIER Technologies, Inc. owns the full copyright to the source code and related intellectual property. Currently AVIER does not accept outside contributions to the code base. Hence the AVIER Application Platform is a Single-Vendor Commercial Open Source project.

The AVIER Application Platform can be offered to users under one of the following ways:

  1. General Public License (GPL) version 3, or
  2. Paid-for versions of AVIER Application Platform under a commercial license.

For more information, please contact info@avier.tech or see Dirk Riehle’s article on The Single-Vendor Commercial Open Source Business Model for more details. Also in Todd Harris’s video on “What is dual licensing model?”, Todd Harris have a very good explanation on dual licensing of open source software.

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