AVIER Workflow Application Platform

Companies need to be more agile in today’s world. So should the workflow processes that run them.

Build real-time integration-ready workflow processes with

| A better way to develop workflow apps

is a highly configurable application platform. With , building workflow systems is easier than ever. You can create and run customized workflow processes based entirely on run-time configurations with no need for software coding and database administration.

Full control of application logic and business rules with platform configuration

Increase integration-readiness with built-in data interfaces for a multitude of industry data systems and file formats

Increase real-time awareness with built-in messaging infrastructure

enables you to build intuitive and powerful user interfaces that presents data in a way that is most easily to understand and navigate.

Your interconnected application elements need to be presented in a way that is intuitive to the users. Sometimes, the best approach to provide great navigation is to use multi-pane screen layouts. With¬ , you can create custom application logic to control the interaction between the panes.

The seamlessly facilitates multi-pane and other complex UI layout on any HTML5 compliant web browsers.

Example multi-pane layouts:

Rule based forms allow you to create context sensitive data entry forms that dynamically react to user input. They are the perfect means to implement client-side validation rules.

The rules can be saved in static XML files or dynamically generated by the AVIER Scripts, giving you the ultimate flexibility to deal with the most challenging data forms.

Example rule based forms:

It is often necessary to present data structures like table lists and data hierarchies so users can easily navigate and browse the data.

In addition to the standard form fields like text fields, drop down menus, etc., includes a comprehensive collection of complex widgets to help with displaying most common data structures.


independent products were successfully built on the application platform, and both are currently in production in American Airlines‚ĄĘ:

Proactive Maintenance Management System

The Proactive Maintenance Management System helps facilities managers maintain regular inspection records and incidents for fire protection devices as required by fire code.

It utilizes mobile devices (iPhones or iPads) to collect facilities maintenance information on fire protection devices, and synchronizes the collected data with a central server over the internet. The central server provides data lookup, reporting, reminders and analytic services to the end users. For more information, please refer to ProactiveMM.com.

Proactive Fire Alarm Management System

The Proactive Fire Alarm Management System minimizes risks by reducing the first response times for fire and life safety emergencies in large facilities.

It reads fire alarm messages from a fire alarm monitoring system and automatically notifies facilities personnel according to user defined business rules. When operating in Test mode, it facilitates the maintenance of test records of fire detection devices as required by fire code.

It also manages incidents resulted from fire alarms and other maintenance activities.

For more information, please refer to AmericanFLS.com

American Airlines™
American Airlines™
Proactive Maintenance Management
Proactive Maintenance Management
American Fire and Life Safety
American Fire and Life Safety
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